group transport Eindhoven and surroundings

Comfortable group transport in the Eindhoven region

When you go on holiday or travel with more than four people, it is nice to share a taxi together. Pretaxi Eindhoven specializes in group transport. Up to 8 people or more. Our vans are regularly drive to the various holiday parks in the Eindhoven region.

We drive regularly drive to these hotspots

  • Centerparcs Kempervennen
  • Holiday resort ’t Wolfsven
  • Holiday resort Vennenbos
  • Holiday resort Witven
  • And other resorts neer Eindhoven

Group transport Eindhoven and surroundings

Cozy together on the road or on vacation, that is of course included in the taxi together. At Taxi Eindhoven you can discuss a taxi bus with driver for both small and larger groups.

When uo travel with your entire group, you are assured of comfortable transportation and you also spend less money per person on the journey. The choice for group transport is therefore made quickly in most cases.

Student transport in the Eindhoven region

Children who go to special or special education are often dependent on transport with a taxi. However, experience shows that it can sometimes be restless and noisy in school taxis.

This is of course not conducive to the course of the rest of the school day. Moreover, it often gives parents an unpleasant feeling that they should give their child to the driver.

We understand that well. That is why we only use experienced drivers for these journeys that we know for sure that they are in control.

In addition, the children are taken to school and brought back to school by the same driver. Experience tells us that that is the best way for a quiet ride and a relaxing school day. Please inform yourself about the possibilities without obligation.

Group transport Eindhoven

For fun trips with several people you can also reserve a group taxi.

For example, think of:

  • A day of fun shopping in Germany, Belgium or Amsterdam
  • A day together to the zoo or an amusement park
  • ‘A night on the town’ with a visit to the theater

You will be much more comfortable with a taxi van than with your own or public transport. We can collect everyone separately from home or collectively from one address.

Anyone who is brought and picked up by a taxi van does not have to worry about finding suitable parking places, parking meters, or about who has to drive back. Our experienced drivers will bring you comfortably and safely to your destination and will pick you up later at the agreed time and place.

Order taxi group transport

For taxi buses for 6 to 8 people, simply contact Pretaxi on 040 240 50 60. If you want to order a taxi bus for 8+ people, you can of course also contact us for customized transport. We will then be happy to provide you with a free quote.

PLEASE NOTE: you will receive a text message confirming your reservation. Click on the link in the SMS to confirm your reservation.